JDC500 Concrete Mixer

JDC500 Concrete Mixer

1. Good mixing quality

Cina charm jdc500 concrete mixer adopts domestic advanced mixing technology with strong mixing force; Cina charm jdc500 concrete mixer passes the ios9002 international quality management system, and leaves the factory through six processes to ensure the quality of each product.

2. High production efficiency

Advanced design, short mixing time, fast discharging; simple operation, using coupling transmission mechanism and convenient transportation frame, convenient maintenance.

3. It can mix various types of concrete

It can be used to mix plastic, dry hard, fluidity concrete and various mortar and lightweight aggregate concrete.

4. It is widely used

It can be widely used in the construction of small and medium-sized concrete prefabrication plant, highway, bridge, water conservancy wharf and civil engineering.

5. Low energy consumption and low noise

The exquisite technology makes jdc500 concrete mixer not only save energy, but also reduce the working noise.

1. Feeding system

The feeding system of jdc500 concrete mixer is composed of lifting mechanism, feeding hopper, feeding frame, feeding funnel and other parts.

The feeding frame is composed of a rail and a lengthened rail, and the rail frame is connected with the mixing drum and the frame by bolts. The extended track is connected to the track frame by bolts, which can be removed during transportation and storage; the lifting mechanism is composed of brake motor, three-stage reducer, drum, wire rope, etc.; the brake motor can ensure that the hopper can stop at any position of the feeding frame under full load.

2. Mixing device

The mixing device of jdc500 concrete mixer is composed of mixing drum, mixing shaft, mixing blade and shaft end seal.

There are two kinds of lining plates in the drum, including 12 side lining plates and 77 arc lining plates. The cylinder is fixedly connected with the countersunk head screw. The lining plate is made of wear-resistant alloy cast iron with good wear resistance and long service life.

3. Transmission system

The mixing drive system of mixer consists of motor, mixing reducer, coupling and mixing shaft. The motor is fixed on the end face of the chassis of the frame to drive the power reducer and the coupling to rotate the mixing shaft for mixing.

4. Water supply system

The water supply system of jdc500 concrete mixer consists of micro water pump, bottom valve, suction pipe, gate valve, water delivery pipe, spray pipe and other components.

5. Discharge mechanism

The discharge mechanism of jdc500 concrete mixer adopts a new design of high-strength rack, which is a rolling straight turnover quick discharge structure. The discharge mechanism of jdc500 concrete mixer has the advantages of fast discharge, clean discharge and controllable discharge, which has nothing to do with the gate jam phenomenon.

6. Rack

The frame of jdc500 concrete mixer is composed of chassis, outrigger and walking tire.

7. Electrical control system

The system consists of five stroke switches and control box, which are installed on the feeding frame and located on the operation side.

Model JDC350 JDC500
Feed Capacity(L) 560L 800L
Discharge Capacity(L) 350L 500L
Productivity(m³/h) 17.5m³/h 20-25m³/h
Maximum Aggregate Size(mm) 60mm 60mm
Stirring speed 27.6r/min 27.6r/min
Hopper lifting speed 36m/min 34m/min
Mixing motor model Y160L-4B Y180L-4
Stirring motor power 15KW 18.5KW
Lift motor model YEZ112L-4 YEZ132L-4
Increase motor power 4.5kw 5.5kw
Pump model 40GB-100 BL12-16-1.1
Pump power 0.55KW 1.1KW
Pump flow 18m³/h 18m³/h
Discharge motor model Y90L-4 Y100L-4
Discharge motor power 1.5KW 2.2KW
Water supply method Time relay Time relay
Overall Dimensions 3,370*2,510*3,130mm 2,800*2,650*3,250mm
Total Weight 3,110kg 4,180kg