JS500 Concrete Mixer

JS500 Concrete Mixer

Compared with similar products in the market, Cina charm has more advantages:

The latest mixing technology

JS500 concrete mixer adopts the latest mixing technology, so that the mixer can adapt to different concrete mixing requirements, with compact overall structure, convenient maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving, and beautiful appearance.

It can be used alone or in combination

JS500 concrete mixer can operate on a single machine, and can also provide supporting host for 25 mixing station, with stable and reliable performance and guaranteed quality.

Unloading is safe and convenient

JS500 concrete mixer adopts the bottom door design to avoid the mixing drum overturning, which is safe and labor-saving, and simplifies the structure and makes the layout more compact and reasonable.

Mixing all kinds of concrete

JS500 concrete mixer has the characteristics of simple operation, which can not only mix hard and dry concrete, but also plastic concrete, mortar and lightweight aggregate.

1. Mixing system

The mixing system of JS500 concrete mixer includes mixing drum, mixing shaft, mixing arm, mixing blade and side blade. The mixing drum is equipped with two horizontal mixing shafts, and each shaft is equipped with mixing blades. Side blades are respectively installed on the mixing arms near both ends of the mixing drum to scrape off the concrete on the end face and change the flow direction of the concrete.

2. Feeding system

When feeding, put the mixture to be mixed into the hopper, start the feeding system, and the steel wire rope will pull the hopper upward. When climbing to a certain height, the hopper will enter the feeding frame, the hopper door will open automatically, and the material will be discharged into the mixing drum through the hopper.

3. Water supply system

The water supply system is composed of motor, water pump, throttle valve, cleaning device and spray pipe. The water required for mixing concrete is sent to the spray pipe by the water pump through the throttle valve, which can adjust the water flow.

4. Unloading system

The discharging system is composed of discharging door, air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder. There are three structures: hydraulic control, pneumatic control and manual control. The discharge door is installed at the bottom of the mixer. The motor discharge is realized by air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder. A limit switch is installed on the left and right above the discharge door to control the opening and closing position of the discharge door. The sealing of the discharge door can be ensured by adjusting the position of the sealing strip.

5. Electric control system

JS500 concrete mixer electric control system has air switch, fuse, thermal relay, short circuit protection, overload protection function. All control buttons, air switch handles and indicator lights are on the door of the distribution box, and the door lock is set. There is a shield on the button. The electrical components in the distribution box are installed on a edge plate, which is safe, reliable and convenient for operation and maintenance.

Model Js500 Js750
Feed Capacity(L) 800L 1200L
Discharge Capacity(L) 500L 750L
Productivity(m³/h) 20-25m³/h 30-35m³/h
Maximum Aggregate Size(mm) 60mm 80mm
Mixing Motor Power 18.5kw 30kw
Lifting Motor Power 5.5kw 7.5kw
Lifting Motor Speed 36m/min 39.5m/min
Mixing Speed 30r/min 29.3r/min
Overall Dimensions 2,960*2,600*4,400mm 3,100*3,500*5,620mm
Overall Weight 3,970kg 6,100kg