JS750 Concrete Mixer

JS750 Concrete Mixer

Compared with similar products in the market, Cina charm js750 concrete mixer has more advantages:

1. Stand alone operation

js750 concrete mixer can be used as a stand-alone mixer, with a series of advantages such as uniform mixing, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, convenient operation, short cycle time, etc.

2. Simple mixing plant

js750 concrete mixer can be combined with pld1200 concrete batching unit to form a simple mixing station, which is controlled by computer in the whole process, with high degree of automation and good mixing quality.

3. Supporting host

js750 concrete mixer can be used as the main engine of HZS35 mixing station, with simple combination, good mixing quality, low energy consumption and low noise.

4. Compact structure

The discharge door of js750 concrete mixer is driven by the imported hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional driving form, it has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation and accurate door opening positioning.

Feeding system

When feeding, put the mixture to be mixed into the hopper, start the feeding system, and the steel wire rope will pull the hopper upward. When climbing to a certain height, the hopper will enter the feeding frame, the hopper door will open automatically, and the material will be discharged into the mixing drum through the hopper.

Mixing system

The mixing system of js750 concrete mixer is composed of motor, belt pulley, reducer, gear, mixing device, mixing drum, etc. The main motor is connected to the secondary gear reducer through a belt, and finally drives two horizontally assembled mixing shafts to rotate at the same speed through two pairs of open gears.

electrical system

The electrical control system needs to control the main drive motor of js750 concrete mixer, the motor of water supply system, the motor of loading and unloading, etc. All electrical control elements are set in the distribution box. The electrical components in the distribution box are installed on an iron plate, which is safe, reliable and convenient for operation and maintenance.

Unloading system

The discharging system is at the bottom of the mixer, and the discharging is realized by manual push rod. According to customer requirements, can produce electric push rod discharge form of mixer. The joint between the discharge door and the mixing drum is sealed with a sealing plate. The position of the sealing plate can be adjusted to ensure the purpose of sealing.

Model Js500 Js750
Feed Capacity(L) 800L 1200L
Discharge Capacity(L) 500L 750L
Productivity(m³/h) 20-25m³/h 30-35m³/h
Maximum Aggregate Size(mm) 60mm 80mm
Mixing Motor Power 18.5kw 30kw
Lifting Motor Power 5.5kw 7.5kw
Lifting Motor Speed 36m/min 39.5m/min
Mixing Speed 30r/min 29.3r/min
Overall Dimensions 2,960*2,600*4,400mm 3,100*3,500*5,620mm
Overall Weight 3,970kg 6,100kg